Well, that's even more than less than unhelpful.

Laundry=College=Abysmal Consequences=New Direction?

Doing laundry as I do best. Not really. Laundry isn’t my best or a thing that I do regularly. I, well, nevermind. Needless to say, I divide my clothes into two piles: light and dark. There are no “whites”, “reds”, or “blacks”. That’s just anal. And now I shall take time to immaturely smirk and laugh at the last sentence. Although, after starting college the lights and darks thing kind of became shove as much clothing in regardless of what color it is, because it costs a ridiculous amount of money to do laundry and you’re a broke college student. Which brings us to our next point in this object lesson: college. Who needs it? Who wants it? The answer: pretty much everybody. Because I certainly don’t want to spend the rest of my life working at Walmart. Or Burger King for that matter. Although their fries are quite good. But I digress. Right now, I am currently attending NCU–the hitch in the plan–it doesn’t offer a history programme. Prospective colleges: Bemidji University or the University of Glasgow. Yeah, it is a big jump. I guess college is like laundry. Ridiculously easy to sort, foolishly easy to mess up, and very simple to mix the wrong colors and get a disastrous result. Well then. There are the random thoughts for the day. Actually, I think I’ll post the letter I sent to my advisor regarding my decision to leave NCU and change degrees. Ouch.


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