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If You’re Made of Metal, Are An Extraterrestrial, And Come From Cybertron, Please Be My Best Friend.

Something about Transformers 2 just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside. Don’t get me wrong I loved Transformers, but for some odd reason the second new adaptation just gets me all worked up and excited.

When I was younger I didn’t really watch transformers. I was more of a Beast Wars/Beast Machines Chick. Cheetor and Rat-trap still have a soft place in my heart. Especially Cheetor. Especially Trans-metal Cheetor. I can safely say that one of the Prime (hehe) reasons I get A’s today, is that when I was younger, and got a report card full of A’s, I was allowed to get a toy. Namely a beast wars toy. Cheetor had always been my favorite character, with Rat-trap a close second. Picture this: me as a little first grader working my butt off to get the equivalent of an A just so I can get Trans-metal Cheetor. The day arrives. We get to Walmart and alas! TRANS-METAL CHEETOR IS SOLD OUT! Oh, how it hurts on the inside! Oh, the emotional scarring! Oh, the pain! The misery! Thought of changing my name! And I got downhearted every……wait that’s The Lion King. So naturally, I went for Trans-metal Rat-trap, promising myself to get Trans-metal Cheetor the next semester. And pieces of Trans-metal Rat-trap can still be found around the house.

Another Semester passes. The days tick off slowly.

And more slowly.

And even more slowl-ier. That’s right. Slowlier: an adjective used to describe the most painful wait any first or second grader can endure without spontaneously combusting.  [side note: why the heck does the word ‘adjective’ have a ‘c’ in it? It’s totally silent. And not even relevant]

And then the day arrived! TRANSMETAL CHEETOR WAS MINE! And now a brief word from our sponsor, Maroon 5, regarding the feeling:

When it gets cold outside and I’ve got nobody to love.
You’ll understand what I mean when I say there’s no way we’re going to give up.
Like a little girl cries in the face of a monster that lives in her dreams.
Is there anyone out there, cause it’s getting harder and harder to breathe.

Ahh, Transformers. Well, Beast Wars. Well, Transformers. I love you both dearly. There’s enough room in this universe for the both of you.

This should be a required toy. I mean, Santa should be expected to pawn this off on little kids before even considering what those kids think that they want.

PS. JJ Abrams should make a Beast Wars movie. That’s all I’m saying.


One response

  1. Ryan

    JJ Abrams would probable make a pretty good Beast Wars movie, but I’m thinking Bob Forward should do one. He did basically create the series and revive the franchise after all.

    August 16, 2010 at 6:34 pm

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