Well, that's even more than less than unhelpful.

And So The Safety Scissors And The Glitter Becomes A Reality. Also Bram Stoker.

Remember how I said that if I didn’t post for a while that it meant I was sitting at the back of the classroom with the safety scissors and glitter? Like Mickey Smith. Well that’s not exactly what was happening. Mostly me just working all night at Walmart and sleeping all day during the day. Ahah, redundancy is upon us! Well, and having Soph over for Doctor Who/Any Epic Film Mo Decides They Will Be Viewing That Day crunch time. And then more sleep. This being said, my summer hasn’t really been a summer at all. A bit vampiric in fact. Which reminds me of Dracula. Bram Stoker knew what he was doing when he wrote that. Man, I love that book. And I’ve only read it once!? I mean once?! Me, the re-reader of massive quantities of novels, who spends about just as much time re-reading old books as reading new novels. I don’t know–there’s just something about a good book–one that really hits home. Especially British Literature. They just have a way with words. It’s indescribable. They give me that feeling–where your heart swells and you don’t think you’ll be able to breath for the next five minutes and you don’t care–cause it’s such a great feeling. Anyways, I first read Dracula when we moved to Iowa during my sophomore year. Yah, I didn’t have a lot of human friends, but at least I had the next best thing: a living breathing novel full of characters I would grow to love and hate. Unfortunately, Dracula can’t even be read for a while, because I’m supposed to have eleven books read by the beginning of the semester. Which I haven’t started yet. Woops.

PS. Last week’s episode of Psych had the most hilarious dialogue between Shawn and Gus:

  • Gus: Wait. They were trying to have a baby, but they weren’t even married?
  • Shawn: Gus, get with the times–it’s 2008.
  • Gus: It’s 2010.
  • Shawn: Heh. Nice try. That would mean we’re at war with the machines.

Also. Movies of the week so far:

  1. Robin Hood: Men In Tights
  2. Blades of Glory
  3. Doctor Who: The Pandorica Opens
  4. Psych: Feet Don’t Kill Me Now
  5. Doctor Who: Blink
  6. Doctor Who: Human Nature
  7. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
  8. The Bourne Identity
  9. Away We Go
  10. Hairspray
  11. Doctor Who: The Time of Angels
  12. Doctor Who: The Hungry Earth
  13. Torchwood: The Small Worlds

Because when I’m not sleeping, working, or eating, I am definitely watching movies.


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