Well, that's even more than less than unhelpful.

This Helmet Is Not Good For Running–I Should Have Borrowed Charlton Heston’s Scarf From Soylent Green!

So. Here I am watching Psych. Again. All of the 80’s references=never gets old. So good. And then they referenced Soylent Green. And I was so happy on the inside.

The first. And only time. And hopefully last time that I watched Soylent Green. Was at the Lovett household. Yes, that home away from home, that perfect solace of magnificent soul-filling haven. Anyways. I’d always heard the line “Soylent Green is people!” and so when we were flipping through the channels on a Sunday afternoon and Soylent Green popped up, I jumped on the opportunity to watch it. All 97 minutes of it. Realistically, it felt like three hours of Charlton Heston running and sweating. Profusely. All of the time spent for that iconic line…all that non build-up…hurt. In the last three minutes of the film Charlton Heston shouts “SOYLENT GREEN IS PEOPLE!” and then you feel good. I mean. Then the movie is worth it. And you ask yourself, how could an hour and a half of Charlton Heston be redeemed by one line? It just does. That’s the reason it’s iconic.

Icons are iconic for a reason. And I am way distracted now. So. Hopefully I can continue this thread on icons later.

In parting: “I’m calling my bloody constant.”–Desmond Hume. Maybe you should call yours.


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