Well, that's even more than less than unhelpful.

Why Matt Smith Is Brilliant But At The Same Time Will Never Replace David Tennant.

David Tennant is. That's right. Just is. No questions asked.

David Tennant leaving Doctor Who. Every generation/people group who watches the british serial ‘Doctor Who’ gets what they call “their doctor”. For some it may be Baker, Pertwee, for others it may be Troughten or Eccleston. For me, my doctor has and always will be Tennant. He’s just so brilliant. Some might argue that he’s too radical, too much of a departure from the other doctors. But isn’t that the point of Doctor Who? Isn’t that the point of the regeneration cycle? To bring something new and refreshing and different to what has already been done. Yes, Tennant’s doctor was dashing, flawed, and hyper. But that’s why I loved him. He wasn’t a crotchety old man set in his ways. He was ready to be wrong.

Matt Smith is hilarious. He’s sort of a cross between a bumbling old man and spry young man. After all, bow ties are cool. He’s really funny–he has this off kilter sort of humor–and great comedic timing. He seems to be more befuddled then bemused as David Tennant was. David Tennant was silly–no, he was obnoxious. But here is what Tennant had going for him–his righteous anger. Tennant was the epitome of savior like hero. He would have meshed into any Greek tragedy easily. Smith has the inability to make the viewer believe it. Don’t get me wrong, I adore Smith’s interpretation, but he is no where near the level of authority Tennant’s character had. Tennant was the Oncoming Storm. Smith is the guy in the bowtie.


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