Well, that's even more than less than unhelpful.

Nostalgia Breeds Discontent.

I can’t help it. Just feeling really nostalgic about Doctor Who. I mean, I get so excited about the old stuff, and I mean yeah, I’m excited for the new stuff, but it just doesn’t have that same pull that the older new series had. (Paradox?) I’m sure the Tardis is killing itself right now just thinking about it. I can’t help it! I love watching “big ears” Christopher Eccleston run around with (best companion ever Rose) Billie Piper and “hilariously charming Jack” John Barrowman. And I get even more excited when Tennant and Piper are madly dashing about. The easy chemistry that they had. Right then. Here’s where I admit it. I’m all for the Rose-Doctor relationship. Major shipper here.

Yes. I do cry every time I watch the episode "Doomsday". Get over it. Just look at them. So perfect.

And I don’t care if that isn’t how the old Doctor Who was. This is the new Doctor Who. And I’ve figured out that’s how I’ll handle this new series with the eleventh doctor and Amy Pond. It’s brilliant, don’t get me wrong, but it isn’t my Doctor Who. My Doctor Who doesn’t have ridiculous looking Daleks.

These things were made to be stuck up runny noses.

My Daleks could kick ass. And here we are. I’ll separate Doctor Who into three separate eras: The Original, My Doctor Who, and New Doctor Who. I’ll stay painfully attached to the “my doctor who” era, the revival of the original series. You can have your silly kid’s toy Daleks and bumbling bow-tie-wearing Time Lord.

Nostalgia. Breeds. Discontent. Or. Just. Makes. You. Really. Happy. About. Your. Doctor. Who.

PS. Current Companion Running:
1) Rose Tyler–>Rose Tyler rocks.
1.5) Jack Harkness
2) Amelia Pond
3) Donna Noble
400) Martha Jones–>Martha Jones sucks.

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