Well, that's even more than less than unhelpful.

Excuse Me While I Shank Thee With Thine Spork.

Random thoughts. But who am I kidding? These are always random thoughts….

It’s cold and overcast. Perfect. No really. Perfectamundo. It should be like this all the time. Even got to break out my thermal long-sleeve shirt. Shakes fist at Minnesota for being ridiculously awesome.

Had a hamburger for lunch. From the deli. It was tasty, surprisingly. Had some cheetos. I used to hate cheetos. All that orange cheesy powdery stuff was not really the direction I was heading in. And then, one fateful day in January, I went out on a limb at the deli and got some. They were delicious. I’m really only saying this because today I went out on a limb and got a hamburger. It was nice and hot. Was gonna get soup. But no wild rice. Just minestrone. Gross. Or chicken noodle. Eh. So I went for the cheetos. And a hamburger.

Sporks not only remind me of Ryan Canaday and Jairus Houdek, but also remind me of the comic strip “Get Fuzzy”. I love Bucky. So great. And poor Satchel. Not that I really feel bad for him. Also, Cat used to have a huge spork at the Calf-fiend Cafe. Which is also an awesome place. Want good food and a great atmosphere? Go there. They are also selling it, so you should probably buy it right now. No. Now. There. Now I’ve gotten my spiel for them in. Buy it. NOW.

Where the Red Fern Grows. Should not be required for a fifth grader. What fifth grader, in their right mind, wants to read about a boy and his best friend–his dog–who dies tragically at the end. It’s bad enough that they made us read that “Secret of Nimh” book, which also happens to be a cartoon.

Speaking of creepy children’s cartoons, if you ever want to rake your eyes out after watching one, and be afraid of bunnies, watch the animated version of “Watership Down”. You will cry. You will scream. You will see lots of cartoon blood, rabies foaming, and nazi bunnies. Turns out that a book structured as social commentary doesn’t work so well for the kiddies.

If you can believe it, there is an even creepier foaming, bloody, evil rabbit picture that wouldn't upload. Just google image "watership down". You'll have nightmares. Or at least your kids will. After seeing it. Yeah for PG-13 cartoons.

Reading Beowulf again, this time the version translated by Seamus “something-or-other” (pretty sure his last name starts with an H but oh well. He’s a famous Irish poet. Get over it.) Just as good as the first time, if not better, man I love the epic poem format. The Odyssey. The Iliad. Beowulf. And the best part, is my professor had a recording of what the first sixteen lines would have sounded like in the now archaic language. It was awesome.

Eh. Don’t want to write. Kinda miffed. Because I have to work at dominos tonight. So. Yah. There you go.

And now I will insert a random photo. Because that is what I do.

Something from Lost. Because I miss Lost. And this is funny. 4 8 15 16 23 42 EXECUTE.


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