Well, that's even more than less than unhelpful.

I’ve Got A Lovely Bunch Of Coconuts.

There they are a standing in a row. Big ones, small ones, some as big as your head……and this is where any further knowledge of the song ends. Do you want to know why? Because The Lion King was my favorite movie when I was younger than the young that I am currently. I can’t really say when I was a kid because in the grand scheme of things I’m really just what one would call a toddler. Irrelevant information points. Disney points.

There are two possibilities: either he has invisible coconuts, or he's totally lying about the presence of a bunch of coconuts.

Anyways. So The Lion King was my favorite movie. In a scene, Zazu sings the above limerick “I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts”. Of course, he doesn’t finish said limerick as Scar is interrupted by his hyenas (who p.s. represent the characters of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern because The Lion King is really just an animated version of Hamlet set in the Serengetti with a happy ending [more points for irrelevant information, although arguably it is slightly relevant as the blog is called “rozencrantzandguildenstern”, so scratch the points for the second instance of irrelevant information, although now that I’ve scratched the points for the second irrelevant information total I can now add points of irrelevant information since it was completely irrelevant for me to even point out that said second irrelevant points were deemed null. What a run on]) and Zazu is unable to finish his song. And so as a kid, which I still am (redunancy: see above), I just dismissed the song as having no further lyrics. BUT I WAS WRONG. There are more lyrics.

I just didn’t think to ask out about it. Or check for that matter. And then, years later, I see a link for the song. I click on said song. And hear all of the lyrics. That’s right. All of them. Thank-you Youtube. And then I have one of those epiphany things, and aren’t those inconvenient, especially when you don’t feel like having one? It’s like I wake up and I’m thinking, “Damn, this is a horrible day for an epiphany–I just wanted to eat crispy rice cereal for breakfast and continue on my merry way for the rest of day and crawl back into bed later. But no, I just had to have an epiphany today!” And so I had an epiphany. Epiphanies sometimes ruin things. Like favorite childhood films. (Even though I’m still not an adult….irrelevant points 4 and redundancy points 3). Here’s the main gist of said epiphany:

“If you take things at face value, if you stop questioning things, how will you know what is true? Trust is important. But arguably, sometimes questioning is even more important. Question the big things in your life. I’m sure you’ll find an answer. Don’t become a 1984-ite as I like to call them. Think. Question. Make connections. Test the world. Because if you do–you’ll find that gravity isn’t even real.”

See. I even found a picture of Isaac Newton proving that gravity isn't real.


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