Well, that's even more than less than unhelpful.

Yes. Take A Double-take. It’s Okay. Nazi Prison Camp Does Happen Here.

Those who shall remain unnamed but whose names coincidentally rhyme with Boriah and Galeb. Shout out to G-Dawg. She created this.

This is what happens when you go to grandma’s house. Or the Henkelman house for that matter. Henkelmans are a different breed–separate from society–and for a good reason unexposed to the masses. Because if we were exposed to the masses all hell would possibly break loose. As kids, we were not kept from being creative. Do what you do.

We don’t play hide-and-seek. We play Nazi Prison Camp.

Okay. So it did originate with the Thoofts and the Henkelmans. But still.

We play Nazi Prison Camp. Rules of Play:

1) You pick one person to be the German. (In a normal home life that would be the person “it” during a game of hide and seek.)

2) You pick one person to hide the Jews and have papers present when said German shows up at your door. (In a normal setting this would be the one who tries to throw off the person who is “it”.)

3) Everyone else who is left are the Jews, respectively. (This is the part where you hide. And hope to God that you aren’t discovered by the German.)

3b) If you (a Jew) are discovered by the German then you are sent to the nasty basement (concentration camp) until all of the other Jews are found.

3c) If you (the person hiding the Jew) fail to provide papers for yourself you will also be sent to the nasty basement until all of the other Jews are found.

4) The basement is nasty. You don’t want to go there.

5) The German must stomp around in heavy boots saying things like “Yavul” and “where are your papers?!” Also, it helps if they are in some way armed. Brooms work sufficiently as a shotgun.

5b) Also, the German should be someone who can be menacing but who won’t make you want to wet yourself. UNLESS YOU’RE REALLY IN THE MOOD FOR HISTORICAL RE-ENACTMENT.

6) The game ends when the German has located all Jews. Start Over. (After killing the Jews of course.)

Okay. Not so politically correct. Not really at all. But you know what–I’d rather play Nazi Prison Camp than sit around staring blankly at parents who ignore your presence and siblings who hate each other. Also, this is a good game for those who are competitive. Whenever our family sits down to play a board game someone inevitably ends up leaving the table, game, or crying, ultimately prematurely ending the game. Sometimes you have to be creative to keep everybody engaged.

Actually. I don’t know why I’m defending my family. We don’t really need a defense. We’re just that awesome.


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