Well, that's even more than less than unhelpful.


Because when I'm not blogging, reading, doing crazy stuff with my friends, watching movies, and using the internet, I am definitely one of those kinds of people who poke out from behind trees.

So last night, for lifecore, we met at 10pm to play an intense game of capture the flag in the Sculpture Gardens. For those of you who don’t know, I attend school up in Minneapolis, MN, where there also happens to be a thriving art world. Lucky me. I know. You are insanely jealous. But anyways. The Sculpture Gardens simply by themselves are brilliantly awesome. Granted, the first time I went was in the middle of the winter and climbing on said sculptures was a bit difficult with the icy surface. I know, I know–defacement of art?! Not really. I’d say more an acute interest and appreciation in art. Anyways. Last night. When it was dark (obviously) I had a hay day climbing all over the sculptures as a lookout. And I popped out from trees quite a lot. But mostly I just enjoyed climbing on the sculptures and using my “spidey sense” to locate people. It’s amazing how much more your sense of hearing spikes when you have limited eyesight. The majority of the people I caught last night stemmed from me hearing a twig crack, or a shuffle, or someone breathing. So yah. Maybe I will move to England and become a modern day Robin Hood. Who knows. But first I’d have to do something to piss off the Sheriff of Sherwood. Probably not too hard.


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