Well, that's even more than less than unhelpful.

It’s All Fun And Games At PG Until You’re Transported Into A Galaxy Far Far Away (A Long Time Ago)

PG was really good tonight. The backgrounds of the slides were very inspirational. They made it through the whole thing without a hitch until approximately 11:57pm at which point the song by Phil Wickham “Always Forever” began. Don’t get me wrong. I love the song. But the background is what killed me. I had to leave because I was laughing out loud. You heard it here first.

Okay. So picture a desert vista. It is twilight. Not the book series. You see a moon. And a sun. Except that the picture isn’t the clearest so it looks like there are two suns. Now think of another place. A planet. That is covered in sand. With two suns. Imagine a young man staring at the two setting suns while majestic music plays in the background. Still not sure where you are?

You, my friend, are in Tattooine.

"You are the hand that catches my fall/ You are the friend that answers my call/ You are the grace that covers my sin/ You're everything--the beginning and end." Just doesn't work so well when you're too busy thinking about the fact that Luke Skywalker is the most whiny Jedi in the galaxy.

And you find yourself thinking “when did I find transport to even get to Tattooine?” Just remember. You heard it here first, folks.


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