Well, that's even more than less than unhelpful.

Nuns And Guns Are Vewy Vewy Bad.

So. I did a review on The Town for newspaper. As you already know. First, I’d like to cite the fact that all though North Central prohibits on-campus viewing of R-rated movies, they do not prohibit off-campus viewings of R-rated movies. So, basically, what we’ve got here–is a hypocrite (NCU) buying its own con.

My rejection letter:


I asked you to let me know ASAP when you decided what book/movie review you were doing before you wrote the story so I could approve it.  We can’t print your review because it’s a rated R movie review.  Our school does not support watching them, and it’s against school policy to watch them on campus. This particular movie itself has 141 F words in it.  It would be extremely inappropriate to print this article.
SO, with that said- is there any way you can write another review within the next 36 hours? If so, that would be great so we can put that in, and it won’t count against your word count for this issue and against your grade.  Let me know ASAP when you get this and the alternative review you decide to do.

— ———
Opinion Editor”


Maybe if I wrote about daffodils and fuzzy feelings they would be more happy. And even less aware of the world that they live in.



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