Well, that's even more than less than unhelpful.

Five Iron Frenzy plus MXPX plus Joy Electric equals Nostalgia.

So, the other day, I had this urge to look up Joy Electric’s “Monosynth” on youtube. Just to check if it still existed somewhere in the world. Or at least the known world, which unfortunately equates to youtube. Not that I don’t appreciate youtube. If youtube didn’t exist I would never have discovered Wheezy Waiter or Julian Smith.

Monosynth. Joy Electric. For sure.

I type it in. “Monosynth by Joy Electric”. And within seconds, for my viewing pleasure, Joy Electric is singing in his really weird music video. And then I decided to hit up all of the old Tooth and Nail Records favorites like Five Iron Frenzy and MXPX. It was great.

Also. I’ve decided that this blog is going to be about silly, awkward, humorous things that happen in my life. Which is how this started, but as of late, it has kind of become my venting post for my frustrations with life. (Mostly NCU and its newspaper.)

So, on to bigger and brighter things. If you want to laugh today, look up “Julian Smith Malk” and “Julian Smith Hot Koolaid” on youtube. And if you want to smile super huge because of ridiculous Christian music videos of the nineties, look up “monosynth Joy Electric”. You will not regret it. Or you will. But at least it will only be approximately 10 minutes of your life wasted. But it sure hasn’t wasted my time yet.

Julian Smith. Seriously, this guy never fails to make me laugh.


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