Well, that's even more than less than unhelpful.

Bloody Good.

I’ve been thinking that I should probably have a compiled list of my favorite actors somewhere. So this might as well be it. (Also–apologies for the very small number of posts recently. I’ve been crazy busy with the Musical [Into the Woods]). And here’s the list (the male list–I might get to a female list someday.) But let’s face it. I’d rather look at men than women. Okay. Top 20.

1. Lliam Neeson

2. Gerard Butler

3. Ralph Fiennes

4. Clive Owen

5. Robert Downey Jr

6. Viggo Mortensen

7. Jude Law

8. Johnny Depp

9. Liev Schrieber

10. Christian Bale

11. Michael Caine

12. Hugh Jackman

13. Andy Serkis

14. David Tennant

15. Ian McKellan

16. Dominic Monaghan

17. Billy Boyd

18. Brendan Gleeson

19. Cary Elwes

20. James Roday

And there you have it folks.


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