Well, that's even more than less than unhelpful.


Awkward Hugs with Lord Voldemort

Blimey, it’s been a while since I’ve updated this. (Seems like the way most bloggers start their posts–boring. So scratch that.)


Much better. Well, the summer in Iowa is done (thank God)* and I’ll be heading back up to Minnesota in three days…three days…wow, now that I write it (type it–semantics)…it seems even closer. Time to pack! New this year, I won’t be heading back to the cities for school, instead I’m going to be heading even further into the northern expanse of Minnesota–Bemidji. Why?

Well, for the same reason any crazy student would change their completely feasible career major of English Literature for the completely less feasible career of Special Effects in the film industry. That’s right folks. I’m switching to art, with an emphasis in sculpture and digital design, in hopes of landing a job working with film conceptualization. Think Weta Workshop.

Which reminds me. Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman(both from a completely magnificent British series called Sherlock) in The Hobbit are going to be absolutely brilliant. Not to mention Richard Armitage. Oh, British actors. You warm my heart. (And a shout out to Michael Fassbender, my new discovered actor over the summer, who gave Magneto some real flesh and did some amazing evasive maneuvers in Centurion avoiding crazy Picts. )

So. Bemidji. Gonna live with really great friends, the Thoofts, and I’m convinced it’s going to be absolutely brilliant. I can’t stop using the word brilliant as a description (there’s a tiny David Tennant in my ear saying it over and over). Maybe I’ll default to Christopher Eccleston: it’s going to be FANTASTIC.

And somewhere in all of this I want to end up in Scotland. So you explain my life path. It’s an adventure.

Well, that’s what’s happening here.



Doctor Who Calendar Candy

Cat and Jess got me this Dalek advent calendar last time they were in Scotland for me for Christmas. Cat warned me that the chocolates inside were rubbish. I love them. So apparently, I like really cheap chocolate. And now I’m coming to the point where I’m realizing that within two weeks I will be “across the pond” in Scotland. Where I can eat them. The Chocolate. Not Cat and Jess. In Scotland.

It’s been four VERY LONG years since I’ve been over there. And now, the way that God does the things he does–spontaneously, I’m headed back over. There really aren’t words to express how excited I am about this opportunity. Last time I was there, 2007, I lost my heart. Plain and simple. I can already tell that this is going to be life changing. For better or for worse. Right now–I’m tipping towards for better. It’s my chance to test the waters. And just be bloody brilliant.

My spring break is going to be crazy busy with homework and work (as I have to do all of the work that I’ll be missing when I’m over in Scotland) but it is so worth it! That’s right, folks. I’ve been confined to the city for Spring Break. Could be worse. But it definitely sucks not hanging with the family.

Also. I’ve now made it 29 days without soda. I know, I know. Crazy. Now it’s just convincing myself to wake up early enough to hit the gym. It’ll happen. Someday.

Oh. And I’m going to do something. Someday.

Raise your pints to Scotland.

My Bronchi Think That I Don’t Need Them Anymore.

SO. I’ve now made it nine days without soda. I know, so impressive. I got to visit the Lovetts this weekend! It was amazing, just living with them, just something so right about all of it. Got to hang out with Cat, Jess, Kayla, her future husband Justin, Aslan, his girlfriend (Sammie!), Kristian, Chris, his wonderful rocker wife (Jackie), and the fabulous Jairus and Sonny. Oh! And I got to see Jeremy and his wife Jackie. It was great. Oh. And a jumping spider from Albuquerque. That Jess decided would be a great idea to let loose in the basement. In the words of Jairus: “ish”. Says me, the one terrified of spiders. Not bugs. Not snakes. Just spiders. Who knows what that little sucker was up to. Jess wasn’t so worried. I was. Luckily, I didn’t have a run in with him; although, there was a bit of cobweb on my blanket, which means that one was lurking near.

Besides that: everything was perfect. I cried. I do that every time I visit them, and the reason is this: they actually believe in spiritual warfare. Everywhere else I go, people (even christains–and I would argue–mostly christians) like to joke about it and act like it isn’t a real thing that we have to deal with. Which is completely frustrating. You can’t read the bible without picking it up. As C.S. Lewis once put it “You don’t have a Soul. You are a Soul. You have a body.” I get freakin terrified when I think about the fact that there is a spiritual battle being waged over my soul, and at the same time it is COMPLETELY IRRATIONAL to be afraid as my soul has already been won by the good side. It’s just dealing with the fact that there is evil and there is good. So often in my life I shove spiritual warfare on the back of the bookshelf behind everything else because I want to forget that it actually happens. I’m afraid of it. And then I go to a place where spiritual warfare is acknowledged and it’s like a slap in the face every time–realizing once again that spiritual warfare is all too real.

And yet. I go back. Again. And again. And again. And you know why? I’d rather not live in ignorance.

There. There I find real love. I find real grace. And I find a real acknowledgement of who God really is. These people are living out faith. Every day. Every hour. There is something so right in all of it. And so I keep going back. And I hope to never stop.

Cat and Jess. When you meet this people, your life is altered, whether you want it to be or not.

Well. That’s that. Gosh I love them.

Also, on a side note. I think I’m developing bronchitis. Got the lovely phlegmy cough coming on. Hence the “my bronchi think that I don’t need them anymore”. Well. That’s all.

Soda Barricuda

I’ve made it. 3 days. Without soda. Unremarkable and yet totally remarkable at the same time. Because I love soda. If I could have an affair with a soft drink it would have to be coca-cola; however, as I can not, and there is no use pining away as nothing will ever come of the relationship, I have decided to kick ‘im to the curb (as my grandma says).

So. Yeah. 3 days=milestone achievement. Besides. I’m gonna need to get off my soda fix before I hit the Thoofts up. They just have NATURAL things.

I should write more, but as of right now, I have a bunch of homework to finish, and I must wish my dear friend and room mate Chelsea Hernandez a fond farewell partay tonight as she heads off to Turkey tomorrow for three months. She’s so mexican. And awesome. That is all. When you’re white (and really German) Mexicans mean alot to you. Or really any other ethnicity, really. Unless they’re Jews. Just kidding. But seriously. I’m gonna eat so much guacamole.

And now a parting gift to make you laugh:

If You’re Already Mostly Dead, It Won’t Be Nearly As Painful.

Remember that time I decided to be healthy? Bullocks. It means that I have to wake up at approximately 6:53 AM–I realize this is a very exact number–but I need at least seven minutes in the morning to stumble around my room blindly while I get dressed before heading to the workout room, mind you, I did bump into a few things, but considerably less things than I thought I would. So. It’s now 7 AM. Go into the hallway, fill up my waterbottle, and make the trek to the workout room. Biked 7.67 miles on resistance (not fun–but as I’m a barely functioning human at 7 in the morning it didn’t hurt nearly as bad as when I go at night) and then I walked for a little over a mile on the treadmill. And now….I have way too much time to kill.

Well, by “way too much” I mean about an hour. Waiting for my roommate to get out of the shower…so I can shower. I know, I know, duh. And then I still don’t even have to be to class until 9:55 AM. So yeah. I guess I could crack out Ye Olde Histoire right now. Might do that.

Or go on hulu.


Sodas this week: 0

Lost episodes this week: 0

Pages of King Arthur Research Paper written: 1

Work-outs: 1

Transfigurations: 2


Also. Finished up season one of Lost yesterday (watched an astounding four episodes AND did my homework). So, as a tribute to season one, and the beginning of season two, I will now insert propaganda.

Stargate, Ovens, and Very Small Rocks

It’s sitting right there. On my desk. Staring at me. It never stops. Usually, it blends into the background of the clutter. And, mind you, when I say “usually” I mean “never”.  What is it? The first season of Stargate SG1. That’s right folks. It just sits there, all the while silently entreating me to watch more episodes. Mind you, the last time I watched any was late September/early October. Why? Some good friends lent it to me. And I watched the first disk.

I might have watched the first episode on the second disk, but by this time I was starting to get in over my head with musical practice and homework. It is now January 30th. I’m a bit behind. Something really has to grab my attention in order for me to watch it, and as I was already bogged down (and had plenty of reasons to watch other wonderful movies and television) Stargate SG1 went on the back burner.

Logically, I should make a resolution to start watching the rest of it. But I won’t. At least not yet. After all, I am working my way through all of Lost again. Lost is just so, eh, gripping. There’s something about it. Instead of gushing on and on about how much I love Lost (as I have already done so many times and will likely do in the future) I will just leave it at that: gripping. Stargate SG1….not so much. But hey, I’ve only seen around 5 episodes, so who am I to say it’s not…gripping?

The reason I just told you all of this: I’m starting to figure out that I put things on the back burner when I’m not wholly interested at the moment. Whether relationships, the Bible (definitely–I hate reading it–which is another problem in itself), or things I should be doing to get healthy. So. I’m going to try something new. Fostering the relationships that I do such a good job of placing behind other priorities. I’m going to try to pick up “ye olde histoire” (the Bible) in the off chance that I get interested. (Actually, I really do like from around 1 Samuel to 2 Kings [not alot I realize] but I really enjoy the adventure in them–the fall and rise of kings, the battles, the epic Homeric qualities.) And, the final resolution: getting healthy. I’m going to try to kick my soda habit (and my “eat pizza twice a day” habit–yikes!) and start biking more regularly. In MN, you ask? That’s what the fitness center is for.

So yeah, Stargate SG1 is going on the back burner. Everything else–is coming forward.

To Stormtrooper or Not to Stormtrooper, That is the Question.

Well, it’s been a bloody long time since I’ve updated this. Actually, I’m not sure how long it has been; however, I am fairly sure that it was at least before Christmas holiday which was WAY back in the middle of December, and I’m beginning to suspect, that it was even before Thanksgiving holiday when Into the Woods was going on. In other words–terrible blogging.

I’m a serial blogger. I blog to kill. Wait. That came out wrong.

It’s just that, when I’m consumed by other tasks, this goes on the back burner. Like a serial killer trying to appear normal. Okay, horrible metaphor aside, I’m just not great at following a routine. Unless of course I’m at work. Where I’m required to have a routine. (Hello, prospective future bosses!) That being said, I am now…drum roll please…gainfully employed! Woohooo!

Cue “Money, money, money…money!” Trump theme song. That’s probably copyrighted. And I might just possibly maybe definitely get sued for that one. Or at least fired.

Donald Trump does not approve.

Right, well then. What do I do, you might ask? My  least favorite thing–cleaning up after people, more specifically, taking out the trash at the university. Which is great fun when you’re in the dead of winter in MN. All complaining aside, it is actually great. No uniform. Get to wear the nose ring. No verbal communication. Get to have an ipod. Basically perfect.

Aside from the “surprise boxes” in the ladies’ room. I like to call them the “Hell No! boxes”. But that’s besides the point. Well, underneath it. Possibly above it or rather near. Not beside.

So, most of my time has been occupied by trying to juggle this new position and the copious amounts of homework sent my way. But I  do have a research paper on King Arthur that I should be working on very soon, so that should, at the very least, make things interesting.

Although, I might find it difficult trying to convince my professor that King Arthur was a very astute man in regards to the migration of coconuts. Get on with it!

Something else heading my way: I’m taking scriptwriting. We have to write a one act and short screenplay by the end of the semester. Hugely daunting tasks. Here’s the thing: I kind of sort of definitely want to do mine about a stormtrooper. A stormtrooper who is an artist (and/or dreams of participating in the intergalactic ballet) that must hide who he truly is in order to serve the empire. His dreams will never fully be realized, as he will die on the death star at the end of the one act because of Luke’s lovely aim. I’m thinking of making it less of a comedy and more of a focus on repressed people (by goodness, there are so many monty python references in this today!), more specifically, the lead stormtrooper who wants to be more than what he is. He wants to create; I’m also thinking of maybe having some internal conflict regarding whether or not he should be for the republic or for the empire. Just a few thoughts. Had to get that off my chest.

Couldn't resist. What with the Donald Trump reference above and all.

Right then. Go to bed, you sodding idiots. It’s 2:24 AM.