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Restoration and Horse Shite

So, I’ve now been settling into the Thooft way of life for a couple of days now, which includes copious amounts of swimming, riding horses, falling off horses, gardening, eating, worshipping, community, coffee, late night movies, Doctor Who Marathons, going to market, and waking up at 7am. Because my body clock is still resetting from 4 am.

All in all, fantastic. I think right now I’m moving into a period of restoration and thriving. As of last weekend, I am officially down 15 pounds this summer (and 25 pounds total) since high school (when I put on tons of depression weight because of the move). I am now officially back to pre-depression weight. And loving every minute of it. It’s amazing the stages we go through in life, the weird twists and turns, the ups and downs, and the dragons in between.

I’m feeling restored spiritually, physically, and mentally. This morning I started The Supernatural Ways of Royalty, and let me tell you, it’s got some good stuff. It’s about getting out of the pauper mentality and embracing the inheritance we have as sons and daughters of the High King. Real good stuff.

Anyways, when I’m not running about madly or dashing off, I’m wiping horse shite off my shoes. Or bum. Depending on whether I can manage to stay on top of the horse. Love you guys.